Tiling service

With Atkinsons professional tiling skills we can make your imagination a reality.

In your Kitchens and bathrooms we can:

  • Remove existing floor and wall tiles
  • Evaluate the condition of your walls and floors
  • Plasterboard or replaster over poor tiling surfaces
  • Tile your walls to your specifications

Assist in the design and layout of your tiles by choosing from a number of tiling designs and geometric tile shapes and sizes.

  • Straight set tiling
  • Brick set tiling (Running set)
  • Diamond set.
  • Border tiles
  • Herringbone set. (floors only)
  • Opus Romana
Whatever the job, our sound reliable advice and professionalism helps you get the job done

For more information about Atkinsons Plumbing and Tiling Service
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